Parts Diagnostics Eco Tuning Truck operators Van users L.O.L.E.R Testing Welcome to ecotruck, van & car With over 25 years in the Transport Industry nobody understands your requirements better. In today’s climate of raising fuel prices and difficult trading conditions when every penny counts you need a real transport industry professional. we Guarantee to save you money on fuel. Example   Savings Make/Model         Before After Saving          Mpg Mpg per year Daf Xf105 7.2 8.1 £4,785 Scania R 6.8 7.6 £4,799 Mercedes 7.4 8.5 £5,421 Iveco Stralis 6.4 7.2 £5,382 Volvo FH13 6.7 7.8 £6,525 Figures based on 100,000Kms per year Fuel prices based on £5 per gallon! By carrying out a reprogramming of your trucks engine management system we can make your vehicles between 8% to 12% more economical. Prices start at just £199 for most cars and vans and £399 for trucks programmed through the OBD or diagnostic socket. Every vehicle we do carries a no-quibble 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Free trial offer for large fleets. Please take a look through our website for an in depth explanation of how we achieve this. How it’s done? First of all we carry out a free of charge diagnostic check of your vehicle to ensure there are no current faults that would affect the reprogramming process. We then connect a stable power supply to your vehicle to ensure there are no power related issues during the process. Our specifically designed programming tool is then connected to the vehicles OBD or diagnostic socket we then read the engine manufactures ECU programme. The read programme file is then transferred to a laptop computer which sends via e mails the programme file to our specialist software developers who carry out the enhancements to your vehicles software. The enhanced programme file is then returned and transferred to our specifically designed programming tool and is uploaded to your vehicles ECU. This simple process takes less than an hour. Please note on a small number of vehicles it may be necessary to remove the ECU and a direct connection is made however the process described above remains basically the same. The vehicle is then tested to ensure correct operation and customer satisfaction. FAQ’s Can my vehicle be reprogrammed? Yes we can reprogram 99% of post-2000 diesel vehicles, Please don’t hesitate to contact us to check we can accommodate your vehicle. Where is the reprogramming done? We offer a mobile service throughout the North West at a convenient time and location of your choice. Please contact us for further information or to make an appointment. What is the cost? Prices start at just £399 for most trucks programmed through the OBD or diagnostic socket. How long will it take? For most vehicles the process takes no more than an hour. However for large numbers of vehicles we can read you vehicles ECU’s and return to carry out the upgrade at a convenient time once the new programmes have been written. Do you offer a money back guarantee? Yes we offer a 30 day guarantee; if you’re not completely satisfied we will reverse the process and give you a full refund. Do you offer a free trial? Yes for large fleets we are prepared to reprogram a number of your vehicles on a free trial basis. Can reprogramming be reversed? Yes we store all original ECU mapping data on site meaning your vehicle can be returned to its original configuration if required. This process is completed free of charge. Will remapping effect my fuel consumption? Yes although the way your vehicle is driven will ultimately affect your fuel consumption we specialise in economy reprogramming of your vehicle and although you will experience a smoother and more responsive drive along with more power and torque from your vehicle and we guarantee an increase in mpg. Will reprogramming my engines ECU increase engine wear?  We ensure that our reprogramming modifications have no detrimental effect on your vehicle we never allow any components to be over stressed. In fact an economy reprogramming actually helps to extend the life of your clutch and drive train by making the delivery of power far smoother helping to reduce component wear. Will remapping effect my insurance? Most insurance companies understand the benefits of economy reprogramming of your vehicle and will not penalize you for this. We would advise that you inform your insurance company of any modifications made to your vehicle however this is obviously your decision. Can reprogramming of my engine ECU be detected? No there is no way of telling that your vehicle has been reprogrammed using the dealer’s diagnostic equipment. Most vehicles can be reprogrammed through their OBD or diagnostics socket this makes the upgraded undetectable. What warranty do you offer? We offer a lifetime warranty on our software. Why don’t vehicle manufacturers do this? Vehicle manufactures often program their vehicles to with a standard programme that allows their vehicles to operate anywhere in the world without taking into account variations such as fuel quality, climatic conditions and factor in variables such as poor maintenance . They also take into account marketing factors offering the same engine but with varying levels of power and torque to compete with competitors this manipulation of the engine often compromising the potential performance and economy. Do you offer those performance boxes? No we don’t offer plug in or add on boxes that simply trick the ECU into giving the engine more fuel. We only carry out a custom reprogramming that is specific to each individual vehicle that optimises your engines performance and economy. Should you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 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